Since The New Year
Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 1:55 am | Blog

Sun Valley

Hi there everyone and a very belated New Year to you all. I hope that your New Year has been going well so far and your New Year resolutions are on track if you have 1. All is well at this end of the world. I had a pretty good Christmas and New Year’s. A lot of free skiing and plenty of food consumed. This Christmas was my 8th away from New Zealand. Time sure does fly by so fast. I think it would be weird not to have a white Christmas. Since my last update at the end of December I have not had any more races. I have just been training away. It has actually been nice not to have to rush around the world competing this season. I have been able to really focus on training and work on all the changes which we made back in New Zealand so it has made for some good consistency. I am heading up to Kimberly, Canada in a week or so for my next races. I will be competing in 2 Super G races which will be awesome. The last time I was in Kimberly I was competing at a world cup a few years ago.. I also spent a season in Kimberly when I was snowboarded back in 2002 so I am pretty familiar with the hill. After that it is back to Winter Park where we have a home world cup this season. This will be a great event for Winter Park and all the athletes. The last huge event Winter Park had I believe was the World Champs back in 1990. Then the World cup circuit continues up to Panorama, Canada where we have the World Cup Finals. I have never been to Panorama so yet another experience to look forward. Elitsa and I were able to back a trip out to Sun valley, Idaho after the New Year where we spent a few days with Family and friends. Always an awesome time surrounded by great people. We even managed to spend a couple of days skiing at Sun Valley and a valley day on the snow which was full of fun. I also managed to try probably the second hardest thing I have done in my life behind a 8 hour off road Hand cycle adventure. I gave Cross Country Skiing a crack in a sit ski. I don’t know how I managed to walk away un hurt or without breaking to much equipment. I didn’t manage to break a pole with in the first 5 minutes. It was a real blast, especially the downhill sections where you have no edges plus I could not turn at all which = I was totally out of control. I took many tumbles on and off the tracks and found a lot of powder in which I found myself upside down in many occasions. I think I will be sticking to alpine. Finally, Thanks to a lot of support and professional expertise I now have a website up and running click the link at the bottom to follow me on Facebook as I also now have a Facebook Fan page in which you can now also follow. I will be updating regular training, competition and uploading some video also. Thank you to everyone for your support in helping do what I do. I hope everyone enjoys 2012. Cheers from Winter Park, Colorado :)

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