“Career Best World Cup Finish”
Thursday, March 8th, 2012 at 2:30 am | Blog

As your summer has come to an end, My Winter is slowly coming to
an end and spring is right in front of our noses here in Colorado as I am about
to face the busiest, most physically and mentally demanding month of the season
as we race the final stages of the 2011/2012 race season. This season for me to
date has been mostly based around training and not so much traveling and racing,
which for me I have felt good about it. Since my last update to you I travelled
to Kimberley, Canada a couple of weeks ago where I competed in some Noram speed
events. I entered my first Downhill events since the 2006 Winter Paralympics. I
entered 4 Training runs but not the actual race. I won 2 training runs which
was pretty cool and kind of surprising. Kimberley is a great hill in which it
gave me a good opportunity to get comfortable and have a good feeling about
going really fast. “I actually spent a season in Kimberley in 2002 when I
was snowboarding”. I was clocked around the mid 90km/hr. In Downhill you
have at least 1 training run before the actual race so you can learn about the
hill. Get familiar with the terrain and how the course runs, without going 110%
on your first Down Hill race and hurting yourself. After taking a day of during
the Downhill race I rested up for 2 Super G events in which I won the first one
in a pretty close finish by just tenths of a second. In the second Super G I
had some slight equipment issues which caused me to fall. Though I got up and
finished but in the middle of the pack. This really built my confidence leading
into the final World Cup leg of the season; we actually started yesterday with
again 2 Super G events. I was able to surprise myself yet again by winning my
first ever World Cup Super G event. I think it is fear to say I am still in
shock as I did not expect to be on top of the podium. With my second ever only
World Cup Win, My last in Slalom back in 2008. Another thing which makes this
special is that as My Paralympic Gold Medal “anniversary” roles
around in the next few days this is my biggest win since those Vancouver
Paralympic Games. In my second Super G I had some slight mistakes which put me
in 5th just over a second and a half behind the leader.

I next race Saturday New Zealand time in my specialty event Slalom
where I will work to have similar results to yesterday. We then travel back to
Canada Sunday where I race all next week in the World Cup Finals.

Thank you all for your support :) On my way to a Super G win

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