World Cup Success
Sunday, March 18th, 2012 at 11:29 pm | Blog

I am now back in Winter Park after an incredibly amazing 2 weeks of
competing on the last leg of the world cup circuit here in North America. After
my career best in Super G we continued the momentum by winning the slalom event.
This was my first world cup slalom win since 2008 in France. It was great to be
back on top especially in my specialty event.

We packed soon after the Winter Park world cup
events as everyone’s equipment got trucked up to Canada for world cup finals
which definitely helped with not having to travel with ski bags. I had never
been to Panorama before. So this was all new territory for me. Our first day on
snow in Panorama we free skied the race hill which I thought was great. Consistent
gradient terrain with some micro terrain to the hill in other words some small
jumps and bumps here and there. The snow conditions were awesome. Hard and
firm. With flat light conditions as the mountain hides the sun from shinning on
the run. From this point the weather changed for the rest of the week. We
probably had a total of 2 feet of snow or more. This forced a day of
cancellations of 2 Super G events in which was rescheduled for the next day. This
changed the snow from hard to soft. Though the course crew in Panorama did a
great job of keeping the track in pretty good condition. This Super G course I
think would be close to one of the longest courses I have ever done. You wouldn’t
expect anything less at world cup level. We finally kicked off the week with to
Super G races in which the first Super G I had a little mistake double ejected
out of my skis and rolled down the hill for probably close to 50 meters. I was
extremely lucky to walk away from this with just feeling a bit dizzy. I came
back in the second super G and finished in 4th place just a couple of tenths
off the podium. I then competed in Super combined the following day which
consists of 1 run of Super G and 1 run of slalom. I was placed in 2nd in the
Super G after the first run and had a good slalom run to finish again on top of
the podium. From here our goal was to finish strong with back to back wins in
slalom the finals race of the world cup season and my season. By this stage
everyone is pretty tired and I am starting to get pretty tired and a little
fatigued after such a demanding 2 weeks of world cup competition. After my
first slalom run I was leading my close to 2 tenths of a second in challenging
conditions after we had a bunch of new snow followed by rain which made for
some great ruts. Yet again I won the slalom by 1.05 with a great 2nd run. What
an amazing season. 4 world cup victories and 2 top 5 results. (1 win in Super G
where I had never been on the podium at all at world cup level, and another win
in Super G.) Which I had been on a world cup podium once but never won. With
wins both in Winter Park and in Panorama in slalom I gained back my world
number 1 status.

The great thing about Panorama was the amount of kiwi’s working up
there about 30. Having their support and cheers was a pretty cool experience.
Being on that podium with the nationals anthem being played is a pretty sweet
and rewarding thing to happen. As the snow is melting fast here in winter it is
time for me to now work on my next season and get some good end of season
training here before heading home in a month or so.

I would like to really thank you all for your ongoing support and
believe in what I do. We just had the 2 year anniversary since my gold medal in
Vancouver, 2 years on it is great to be back on top of our game and look
forward to the road ahead over the next 2 years as we build stronger towards
the 2014 Sochi winter Paralympics.

A special shout out to everyone apart of “Team Adam
Hall” for your ongoing professional work in helping me achieve to the best
of my ability. :)

2 Responses to “World Cup Success”

  1. Tony Hall Says:

    Fantastic work Adam.Hope you and Elitsa are kicking-back a little now before the next wind up.Look forward to talking later in the week to hear all the stories!!

  2. Ed Bickerstaff Says:

    Hey Adam,

    Just found your site. Great work on the World Cup victories, your Super G result must be incredibly satisfying. You are making us all so proud, hope have a goodbreak.



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