“Good to be home”
Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 at 1:04 am | Blog

I have now been back in New Zealand for three weeks. I can sure say it is pretty good to be home after what was a very long winter in the Northern Hemisphere. My longest season since I started chasing winters. Not far off 6 months. My most successful season to date outside the Vancouver Paralympic games.

My last few weeks spent in Winter Park were almost summer like with temperatures around 18 degrees some days. It definitely was a very mild winter compared to others. Actually the warmest winter I experienced out of my 8 seasons. I spent only a few days on snow since returning to Winter Park after my last competitions in Canada due to warm conditions and very springy snow conditions not ideal when you want to keep your knees. Most of the time was spent planning for our Kiwi Winter and beyond as it is now under 2 years till the next Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. Time sure is flying.

“The day Elitsa and I left to come back to New Zealand it was 35 degrees in Denver”. Meaning we have had our summer/Warmth fix the next little while.

We have been lucky to have such nice weather the last couple of weeks and now it looks like winter has arrived with the first major snow fall on the mountains down South.

As I mentioned it is good to be home amongst the green grass and autumn colors. Living the farm life for a while, milking cows, driving tractors and not having to think anything about skiing or training for at least a couple of weeks. It can only be good for you I guess. Elitsa and I even managed to get to the new stadium this last weekend to catch a game of rugby.

Elitsa and I will be relocating back to Wanaka for our Winter months with in the next couple of weeks where the journey towards 2014 starts to develop more and more and the campaign towards the games get more and more exciting.








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