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First snow in almost a month

It is almost that time of year again. Yup that is right Christmas is just around the corner yet again. I hope that everyone is looking forward to Christmas and the New Year and more importantly that you all get to take some time out to enjoy a break after the end of another year of hard work. It looks like it could be a white one if you are on the mountain tops after seeing 15cm of snow at Cardrona there looks like there is currently more snow at home than here in Colorado. Though it is currently snowing for the first time in almost a month as you can see by the picture.

It sure has been some time since my last update. I think it was back in June when I got back on Snow at Cardrona, so here goes. I will try to keep it short and sharp.

My Kiwi Winter down at Cardrona was yet another great season for me. It seemed to be a better season than last; it seemed there was a lot more snow up higher I guess due to the higher freezing levels. Great conditions for Training. All conditions from hard to soft.

This last kiwi season for us was a lot about continuing our great progress and momentum from the previous 12 months or so. Seeing what it is that we need to do to keep sniffing ahead of the game. Not much competition at all but some great opportunities for forerunning which made for some awesome Train to race environments. In the way of training on snow I had the most amount of time and days on snow compared to other seasons. My Coach Scott spent almost 3 months in New Zealand with me as we continued to work and train hard as our campaign towards the 2014 Sochi Winter Paralympic games gets more and more intense. Along with all the amazing supporters and Sponsors behind Team Adam Hall we were all able to continue to push our boundaries and continue with our breakthroughs.

“It is a great feeling as an athlete when you continue to get fitter and stronger” and don’t have any tweaks or injuries of any kind to make the work load a lot more work than its needs to be. Though through the season I did have a couple of procedures in which I had large amounts of Bladder Stones blasted and removed. This was a huge relief as it can become pretty painful and annoying after a while.

Elitsa and I arrived back in Winter Park, Colorado about a month ago. My 9th season here in Winter Park and the driest of all until it started snowing today.

I have spent a good couple of weeks on snow and feeling pretty good about the season and the progress which lays ahead over the next 15 months leading into the Paralympics. There is a lot of hard work which lies ahead, I know that the whole team and myself we are all very excited heading into the final stages of preparation as these next 15 months will fly by so fast.

This weekend I head to Copper Mountain where I will compete in my first races of the season at the Copper Mountain Noram. I will be competing in 2 Super G events and 2 Slalom Events. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday New Zealand time. I will be sure to update after these events.

I hope you will enjoy following The Adam Hall Team progress of this coming Northern hemisphere season as it will be a very busy and exciting one. Be sure to join and follow.

*Big events for this season. 2013 World Championships in La Molina, Spain followed by World Cup Finals held in Sochi, Russia as a test event for the 2014 Winter Paralympics.

Highlights from this past Kiwi season: Here is a link to the Campbell Live Story which aired at the end of October. http://www.3news.co.nz/Adam-Halls-incredible-journey/tabid/367/articleID/274906/Default.aspx

2012 Snow Sports Adaptive Athlete of the Year and 2012 snow Sports Athlete of the Year

2012 Named AMP Alumni -Helping Kiwis Do Great Things-

2012 Attitude awards – Sports Performer of the year award winner

I would like to lastly thank all of my Sponsors, Supporters and believers in following my progress and help making what I do as a high performance athlete be the best it could possibly be. From the bottom of my heart I really appreciate it.

I trust and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year surrounded by your family and other loved ones. With many more to come.


Cheers Adam :)












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